Fiberglass Mesh Machine

Fiberglass mesh machine offers excellent property and the quality of the fiberglass mesh produced with it is reliable.

Major Index:
Electric Motor: 1.5 KW FOH- 56- 6, 2.0 KW FOH - 58 - 6, 960 rotation / minutes.
Max. shaft rotation: 130-200 rotation/minute.
Weft yarn choice: mechanical control, six color.
Weaving shaft coil distance (mm): 1380, 1860, 2060, 2366, 2566, 2866.
Weaving shaft coil diameter (mm): 550, 600.
Cloth Full Rolling Diameter (mm): 400.
Warp Yarn Feeding: Auto feeding.
Weft Yarn Feeding: Auto feeding.

Outside Dimension of Fiberglass Mesh Machine (mm):
Width: 3875, 4180, 4380, 4680, 4880, 5180.
Depth: 1857; Height: 1640.
Weight of the Machine: 1600kg (motor not included).

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