Fiberglass Geogrid Fabric

Fiberglass GeoGrid / Geotextile Fabric is a kind of new model materials for reinforcement of road surface and bases. This product is made with coated fiber glass yarn.

Features: Fiberglass griding fabric or cloth offers high tensile strength in both vertical and horizontal direction, low elongation, high elastic modulus, high and low temperature resistant properties. Fiberglass griding fabric offers excellent anti-aging properties and anti-alkali property after being coated.

Uses of Fiberglass GeoGrid Fabrics: It is widely used in asphalt pavement, the enhancement of cement and concrete pavement of road. Compared with the traditional road, using fiberglass geogrid fabric can reduce costs, increase long work life and prevent reflective crack of road. This kind of fiberglass fabrics can also be used in reinforcing of soft soils and road root for railways, airports, water conservancy, dams, etc.

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