There are various fiberglass yarns with different package methods.

Fiberglass Yarns

Continuous filaments, chopped strands, texturized yarn, direct roving yarns, etc.

Fiberglass mesh rolls with different colors.

Fiberglass Mesh

30-165 g/m2, black silicone coated fiberglass mesh is also available.

PVC corner bead with fiberglass mesh.

PVC Corner Bead With Fiberglass Mesh

Designed for all 90 °C angle constructions (interior plastering, arch, window, door & EIFS).

Two rolls of fiberglass insect mesh rolls.

Fiberglass Insect Mesh

Widely used in houses to against mosquito and bugs, or even pets.


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Shandong Xingying Environmental Energy Technology Co. LTD is a professional company specializing in the production of fiberglass products. Main products include fiberglass yarns, fiberglass mesh & cloth, fiberglass tape, fiberglass needle mat, fiberglass sunshade screen, fiberglass woven roving, combo mat, fiberglass chopped strand mat and fire blanket.

Since its foundation in 1985, the factory is engaged in the production and export of various fiberglass products for different uses. Main export market presently centers on Europe, America, Japan, the Middle East, Africa, South Korea, and Australia, etc. The company has been awarded as one of the best suppliers from the Fortune 500 clients over the past few years. We willing to provide the highest quality products and the first-class service for both domestic and international customers.

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A roll of fiberglass insect screen with black color.