• Our factory workshop, there are many fiberglass mesh machines are working well and workers are seriously working.
  • There are five rolls of fiberglass cloth in yellow, orange, white, green, and blue color.
  • Three rolls of Fiberglass adhesive mesh tape in blue, yellow, white color.

Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh and fiberglass screen

Fiberglass mesh is made of several of types fiberglass, and it is a performance inorganic non-metallic materials and has many types. Xingying International supplies common types of fiberglass products covering fiberglass mesh, fiberglass screen, fiberglass panel and fiberglass tape, fiberglass fabric and fiberglass cloth. Fiberglass mesh machine and fiberglass yarn machine can also be offered by us.

Fiberglass mesh has tensile strength, small elongation (3%), high elasticity and rigidity, large shock resistance, good chemical resistance, small water absorbent, the scale stability, heat resistance are good, low cost, not easy burn and forming glassy beads at high temperature. Black silicone coated fiber glass mesh fabric is also offered by us.

Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh has excellent properties including water-resistance, alkali-resistance, flexibility, softness and resistance to aging. It is widely used in reinforcing walls, natural marble, plaster board, artificial stone materials and exterior insulation finishing system.

Fiberglass screen is mainly used as fiberglass insect screen or sunshade fabrics for pool and patio. It can be made into window screen for window or door shield, pet screen, fiberglass reinforced geogrid fabrics, fiberglass solar screen and other forms for a wide range of applications. It also may produced to fiberglass mesh bag used for date palm protection against the smallest insect.

Glass fibre fabric has strong tension, well heat resisting, anticorrosive, resistance to burn and strong adhesive power. It is widely used in base fabric of ventilation in tunnel and mine underground or smelting plant after soaked by special technique.

Fiberglass tape can be widely used in jointing plaster plates, mending drywall racks, piecing together and make them joint faster, adhesive better and need not pasting or stapling. It is not be easily torn, shrunk and stretched.

Xingying International is willing to provide the highest quality products and the first-class service to our customers. Our products are trusted by foreign customers and then popularly sold in more than 40 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Japan, the Middle East, Africa, South Korea, and Australia.  We look forward to your visit. You also can contact us via sales@fiberglassscreenmesh.com.

There are five rolls of fiberglass cloth in yellow, orange, white, green, and blue color.

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The most popular products and specifications
  • 1 m × 50 m (roll) fiberglass mesh 160 gr 4 mm × 4 mm or 4 mm × 5 mm mesh size, color: white, blue, orange, yellow, green, used in salt water acquarium.
  • 400 Lf. 6' mesh in black or bronze color for pool enclosure.
  • Impregnated fiber glass mesh 51 g/m2, 75 g/m2, 145 g/m2, 165 g/m2. Length 50 m, width 1.00 m, roll=50 m2.
  • Fiber glass self adhesive dry wall tapes 75 g/m2, width 5 cm and 10 cm. (50 mm × 10 m, 50 mm × 20 m, 50 mm × 45 m, 50 mm × 90 m, 50 mm × 150 m, 100 mm × 90 m, 100 mm × 100 m, 100 mm × 150 m). Hole size 2.3 mm × 2.3 mm or 3 mm × 3 mm.
  • Coated alkaline resistant fiberglass mesh for coating polyurea spray swimming pools flooring walls or building mesh debris catchers for pool.
  • Fiberglass plain woven mesh fabric with dipping: mesh size 6.3 mm × 6.3 mm, yarn count 22 tex × 22 tex, weight yarn 7.5 g/m2, after dipped 9.0 g/m2, width 1.6 m, roll length 8,000 m/roll.
  • Alkali-resistant white fiberglass mesh 110 g/m2, with 5 mm × 5 mm mesh, used for aluminum corner bead with fiberglass mesh.
  • Fiber glass reinforcement net used for reinforcement of rear side of travertine / marble stones slab and tile, with mesh size 4 mm × 4 mm, Weight/m2 70 g - 130 g,1.5 m×100 m/roll, white color.
  • 4 mm × 4 mm 160 gr C glass high alkaline resistance fiberglass mesh used as exterior wall for insulation.
  • 18 × 16 standard mesh fiberglass vinyl coated insect screen for windows and doors, yarn diameter 0.010 - 0.011, Mesh opening 59%.
Hot Products
  • Fiberglass mesh is building material, 45-165 g/m², hole size 2.3-5 mm, white, blue, yellow, green colors. Black silicone coated fiberglass mesh is also available.

  • Retractable insect screen in stainless steel, Aluminum and fiberglass material. Fiberglass insect screening is mainly used in hotels and public buildings.

  • Fiberglass screen is used for insect screen or sunshade fabrics, can be made into fiberglass reinforced geogrid fabrics and fiberglass solar screen.

  • Fiberglass cloth 18×12thread/25mm; Plain weave fiberglass cloth 200 g/m² - 13×16 mm, 50g - 4×4 mm, 50g - 8×8 mm, 430 g-twill weave, 45g - 2.8×2.8 mm.

  • Fiberglass woven mesh wire dipping size, which include mesh size, weight, tensile strength, and more info.

  • Fiberglass alkali mesh size including weight, mesh size, roll size and more related info description.

  • Here show fiberglass mesh new size: including mesh size, tensile strength, color, weight package description.

  • Fiberglass mesh cloth new specifications, mainly show coated weight, standard width, roll length and surface treatment.

  • Fiberglass screen with colors and sizes is widely used in ventilating and insect proof facilities. They are window screen, screen for pool or patio enclosures, portiere and so on.