A roll of fiberglass yarn with white color.

Fiberglass Yarn – Superior Flexibility, Anti-Friction

Fiberglass yarn is made of glass spheres which are melted at high temperature in platinum-rhodium bushing and cooled rapidly. Finished products are available in continuous filaments and chopped strands for various fiberglass fabric or other GRP reinforced products. Continuous fiberglass filaments can be divided into texturized yarn, direct roving yarn, piled yarn, single yarn, twisted yarns.

Fiberglass yarn is such a versatile material for industry, construction, water treatment, communal facilities, electric power industry, fire proofing system and so on. Whether for reinforcement, filtration or insulation, it is affordable since its excellent resistance to pressure and extreme conditions. Sometimes, it is alternative to asbestos products.

There are various fiberglass yarns with different package.

What make the product sell well?

  • Close winding and convenient unwinding.
  • Light weight, high tensile strength.
  • Smooth finishing and uniform color.
  • Low thermal conductivity coefficient.
  • Fireproof, mouldproof and mothproof.
  • Good electrical insulation.
  • Low static, excellent mechanical properties.
Advanced fiberglass yarn production equipment.
A close-up picture of fiberglass filament.
  • Material
    • General fibers: E-glass.
    • Special-purpose fibers: C-glass, S-glass, D-glass, A-glass, E-CR-glass, ultrapure silica fibers, hollow fibers and trilobal fibers.
  • Yarn type
    • Configuration: Texturized yarn, direct roving yarns, piled yarn, single yarn, twisted yarns.
    • Form: continuous filaments, chopped strands.
    • Package: beamed yarn, creel yarn.
  • Direction of twist: Z twist and S twist.
  • Diameter
    • Single yarn
      • Spun yarn: 3–10 µm.
      • Roving yarn: 10–24 µm.
  • Ductility: 30%.
  • Linear density: 120 tex – 2400 tex.
  • Moisture content: < 0.1%.
  • Tensile strength: 1500–4000 Mpa.
  • Breaking strength: ≥ 300 N.
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.03 kcal/mCh.
  • Surface treatment: PVC coated, PTFE coated, vinyl coated
  • Color: black, white, gray, red, black, blue.
  • Package: wrapped with plastic film, shipped by wooden create or pallet. Or packed as customers' requirement.
Yarn Type
A close-up picture of twisted fiberglass yarn.

Fiberglass yarn – twisted

A roll of direct roving fiberglass yarn.

Fiberglass yarn – direct roving

A roll of texturized fiberglass yarn with white color.

Fiberglass yarn – texturized

There are some chopped fiberglass strands.

Fiberglass yarn – chopped strand

  • Function
    • Reinforcement.
    • Filtration.
    • Insulation.
  • End products
    • Sport equipment.
    • FRP pressure vessels.
    • CNG gas cylinder.
    • FRP fabric.
    • FRP grating.
    • Insect screen.
    • Sunshade screen.
    • Construction materials.
    • Railway traffic equipment.
    • Game facilities.
    • Vehicle manufacturing.
    • Cooling towers.
    • Sucker rod.
    • Cable chute.
    • Tube/pipe production.
  • Far to many to mention.
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