There are four rolls of fiberglass tapes with various color.

Fiberglass Tape With Finished Edges – No Stretch or Shrink

Fiberglass tape refer to a narrow fiberglass strip with finished edges. According to different production process, fiberglass tape can be divided into three types: fiberglass filament tape, fiberglass mesh tape and fiberglass cloth tape. It is self-adhesive and repositionable for strong, fast and easy to use. Each product has non-raveling edges for a clean, professional-looking appearance.

Use fiberglass tape for reinforcing seams and corners when jointing plaster plates, mending drywall racks, piecing together. Sometimes it can be used over epoxy fillets on plywood stitch and glue boats. Our products make them join faster, adhesive better and need not pasting or stapling. It is not be easily torn, shrunk and stretched.

A rolls of fiberglass tape with blue color.

What Make the Product Sell Well?

  • Self-adhesive for easy application.
  • Excellent fire and heat resistance.
  • Non-raveling edges for finished appearance.
  • Good electrical insulation, precise dimensions.
  • High tensile strength, no stretch or shrink.
  • Excellent chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity.
Advanced fiberglass tape production machine.
Fiberglass mesh tape with shiny white color.
Fiberglass cloth tape are available in various size.
  • Material: Fiberglass yarn, fiberglass mesh, fiberglass cloth.
  • Addition agent: modified acrylate copolymer, self-adhesive glue.
  • Yarn type: C-glass, E-glass, S-glass.
  • Mesh size: 3 × 3, 8 × 8, 9 × 9 mm.
  • Mesh shape: square.
  • Width: 25–100 mm.
  • Roll length: 20–150 m.
  • Plastic layer: ≥ 20 g/m2.
  • ZrO2: (14.5±0.8)%.
  • TiO2: (6±0.5)%.
  • Working temperature: 538 °C.
  • Strength retention rate: ≥ 90%.
  • Weight: 60, 65, 70, 75, 90 g/m2, etc.
  • Surface treatment: PTFE coating, silicone coating
  • Color: white (normal), orange, blue, green, any colors available.
  • Package: First plastic film, then carton box or according to your requirement.
A roll of fiberglass filament tape.

Fiberglass filament tape

A roll of fiberglass mesh tape with yellow color.

Fiberglass mesh tape

A roll of fiberglass cloth tape with white color.

Fiberglass cloth tape

  • Gassing seams.
  • Chines.
  • Keels.
  • Bulkheads.
  • Inside/outside joints.
  • Sleeve, pipe & tank winding.
  • Steam tracer line wrapping.
  • Hot pipe protection.
  • Exhaust manifold insulation.
  • Strip curtains for oven doors.
  • Tadpole tapes and gasketing.
  • Oven/stove thermal seal.
  • OEM equipment thermal seal.
  • High-temperature industrial wrap.
Protect the cricket bat with fiberglass mesh tape.

Fiberglass tape for cricket bat

A worker is plastering the drywall that reinforced by fiberglass tape.

Fiberglass tape for drywall joints

Repair the crack hole with fiberglass tape.

Fiberglass tape for wall repair

A man is smearing resin on the wood skiff.

Fiberglass tape for skiff building

The workers are wrapping the pipeline with fiberglass tape.

Fiberglass tape for pipeline outer-wrap

A worker is plastering the cement board with fiberglass tape.

Fiberglass tape for cement board

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