A close up picture of fiberglass chopped strand mat.

Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat – High Translucency, Uniform Thickness

Fiberglass chopped strand mat, short for CSM, is a type of non-woven fiberglass fabric. It is made of randomly distributed chopped strands. The short strands are held together with a powder or emulsion binder to form a mat. Finished products can be used used with polyester resin to quickly build thickness for forming of parts and between layers of woven fabric for building molds.

As well as the fiberglass combo mat and fiberglass needle mat, chopped strand mat is ideally used in hand lay-up process and filament winding, compression molding and continuous laminating processes. The typical end-use applications include various panels, boats, FRP roofing sheet, automotive parts, bathroom equipment and cooling towers.

A roll of fiberglass chopped strand mat with white color.

What make the product sell well?

  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with fiberglass fabrics.
  • High translucency, great mold similarity.
  • Uniform thickness, excellent wet-out ability.
  • Good flexibility for different structures.
  • Good resin flowability & impregnation capability.
  • Great covering and degassing properties.
Production machine of fiberglass chopped strand mat.
Fiberglass chopped strand mat made with randomly distributed strands.
Fiberglass chopped strand mat with reasonable and compact structure.
  • Material: fiberglass chopped strands.
  • Fiberglass type: E-glass, C-glass.
  • Yarn length: 25–50 mm.
  • Width: 100–3300 mm.
  • Roll length: 50–100 m.
  • Weight: 225–900 g/m².
  • Moisture content
    • Powder bonded: ≤ 0.2%.
    • Emulsion bonded: ≤ 0.5%.
  • Binder content: 9% – 12%.
  • Resin compatibility: polyester or vinyl ester resins.
  • Color: white (standard), gray, or customized.
  • Package: first plastic film, then carton box or according to your requirement.
  • Process
    • Molding compressing.
    • Pultrusion.
    • Hand lay-up.
    • RTM.
    • Vacuum and filament winding.
  • End Products
    • Structure panels.
    • Boats.
    • kayaks, canoes & sub box.
    • FRP roofing sheet.
    • Auto-mobile accessories.
    • Bathroom equipment.
    • Mannequin.
    • Cooling towers.
    • Anticorrosion pipeline.
    • Repairing fibreglass parts.
A man is repairing the FRP structure with fiberglass chopped strand mat.

Fiberglass chopped strand mat for repairing

A man is rolling resin onto he fiberglass chopped strand mat.

Fiberglass chopped strand mat for roofing works

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