Three pieces of fiberglass needle mats.

Fiberglass Needle Mat – Noncombustible, Good Sound Absorption

Fiberglass needle mat is made of continuous fiberglass yarns or chopped strands, and then ceaselessly sewn by thousands of needles. There are no binder or other knitting material used to bond the mat together. It is a type of inorganic non-woven fiberglass mat which have excellent heat insulation and noise elimination. Compared with woven filter material, its filter speed is twice as fast and up to 99.9% dust can be eliminated.

The working temperature of E-glass needle mat can be up to 800 °C for short-duration and continuously working at 550 °C. Silica needle mats are suitable for continuous use at temperature up to 2012 °F (1100 °C). Our products can be widely used as thermal and acoustic insulation material for air conditioners, electrical equipment, exhaust pipe, muffle, industrial boiler, etc.

A roll of fiberglass needle mat with white color.

What Make the Product Sell Well?

  • Abrasion resistance, high tensile strength.
  • Skin friendly, not harmful to health.
  • Good dimensional stability, anti-erosion.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Good resin flowability & impregnation capability.
  • Easy to cut, lightweight and flexible.
Production process of fiberglass needle mat.
Fiberglass needle mats with different thicknesses.
Fiberglass needle mats with reasonable and compact structure.
  • Material: high silica fiberglass yarn, E-glass fiberglass yarn.
  • Thickness: 3–25 mm.
  • Width: 0.9, 1, 2 m.
  • Roll length: 10 m.
  • Density
    • High silica: 9.5–12 lb/ft3.
    • E-glass: 6.3–13 lb/ft3.
  • Work temperature
    • High silica
      • Continuous working temp.: 2012 °F (1100 °C).
      • Instant working temp.: 2552 °F (1400 °C).
    • E-glass
      • Continuous working temp.: 1022 °F (550 °C).
      • Instant working temp.: 1472 °F (800 °C).
  • TiO2 Content: ≥ 96%.
  • Finish treatment: singeing, calendering, heat setting.
  • Service life: > 4500 hours.
  • Color: white (standard), gray, or customized.
  • Package: first plastic film, then carton box or according to your requirement.
  • Field
    • Aluminum industry.
    • Petro-chemical industry.
    • Furnace industry.
    • Machinery.
    • Household appliances.
    • Autos and motorcycles.
    • RTM, GMT and other molding processes.
  • Function
    • High temp filtration.
    • Noise elimination.
  • Apply to
    • Fire safe door.
    • Engine hoods.
    • Laminated aluminum foil.
    • Pulse dedusting.
    • Removable insulation jacket.
    • Pipeline, pump insulation.
    • Roofing, wall heat insulation.
    • Muffler material.
There is a stainless steel oven fiberglass needle mat.

Fiberglass needle mat for oven insulation

Laminated aluminum foil is made with fiberglass needle mat.

Fiberglass needle mat for laminated aluminum foil

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