A roll of fiberglass woven roving.

Woven Roving Fiberglass – Full Range of Grams, High Operating Efficiency

Fiberglass woven roving, also called glass fiber fabric, is composed of direct untwisted rovings woven by a textile machine. It is a two-way reinforcement material which is compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins. In addition to these properties, it has good adhesion between layers and can be suitable for all kinds of bending and flat surface.

As a professional manufacturer, we produce fiberglass woven roving with regular distribution of fiberglass content. This product is the primary strength material for hand paste and mechanically formed fiberglass process products, such as ships & boats, automobile, aircraft, sports entertainment facilities, pressure vessels, sanitary ware, pipe irrigation, cooling tower.

A roll of fiberglass woven roving with white color.

What make the product sell well?

  • Resistant to impact, high tensile strength.
  • Good dimensional stability, anti-erosion.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Good resin flowability & impregnation capability.
  • Excellent bonding strength among laminates.
  • Easy handling, cutting and processing.
Production process of fiberglass woven roving.
Fiberglass woven roving is made of direct roving yarns.
Fiberglass woven roving with plain woven method.
  • Material: direct roving fiberglass yarn.
  • Glass type: C-glass, E-glass.
  • Thickness: 0.035–0.3 mm.
  • Weaving type: plain woven, bidirectional interweaving.
  • Width: 500–3200 mm.
  • Roll length: 50–100 m.
  • Moisture content: ≤ 0.2%.
  • Loss on ignition: 0.4% – 0.8%.
  • Weight: 80-120 g/m2 (normal), can be up to 1700 g/m2.
  • Color: white (standard), gray, or customized.
  • Package: first plastic film, then carton box or according to your requirement.
  • Boat building.
  • Aviation.
  • Sports and entertainment facilities.
  • Fiberglass process products.
  • Sanitary ware.
  • Composite tanks & tubes.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Armor/ballistic panels.
Armor/ballistic panels are made with fiberglass woven roving clothes.

Fiberglass woven roving for armor/ballistic panels

Storage tanks, swimming pools and boats are made with fiberglass woven roving clothes.

Fiberglass woven roving for storage tanks, swimming pools & boats

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