There are various fiberglass products on the black background.


Technical Details for Fiberglass Mesh Screening:

Color available for fiberglass mesh insect screen: gray / back / white / gray, gray and pale / gray.
Standard width of fiberglass mesh insect screening: 200cm, 220cm.
Standard roll length: 30 m.
Composition: 32% fiberglass and 68% PVC.
2/2basket weave: 32% fiberglass and 68% PVC.
Mesh Weight of fiberglass mesh insect screening: 343 g/m2, 232.86 g/m2.

Technical Details of Fiberglass Mesh for Concrete:

Fabric Thickness of fiberglass insect screening: 0.32mm 0.3mm
Openness Factor: approximately 10%, approximately 14%.
Blockage: approximately 90%, approximately 86%.
Breaking Strength: warp > 90 kg  fill > 77 kg, warp >75 kg fill > 30 kg.
Yarn Diameter: 0.28mmm warp 0.28 mm fill.
Uses: Interior screen (sky-light without tension).

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